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Doughboy Foundation’s WWI Teaching Resources

by PRP Group, on 11/13/2023

edtech digest prpOn Nov. 11 each year, schools around the country observe Veterans Day. Although it is customary to remember all those who have sacrificed their lives while serving our country, many forget that Nov. 11 was originally Armistice* Day, which officially marked the end of World War I in 1918. Unfortunately, it often seems that the First World War is no better remembered—or taught about in U.S. schools—than Armistice Day.

The Doughboy Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to World War I education, makes high-quality, compelling WWI Teaching Resources available to students and educators. The resources, which include augmented reality apps and lessons, provide an interactive and engaging way to teach about World War I in a way that’s relevant to today’s students.


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