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Chair Yoga—an Accessible and Effective Exercise

by PRP Group, on 06/26/2024

Verywell MindYoga, as both a wellness and a philosophical practice, has many variations. Beyond the most traditional versions of yoga, rooted in long-honed Eastern traditions, there are versions like hot yoga, there’s yoga focused on memory, yin yoga, flow yoga—the list goes on and on. If you ask someone how many forms of yoga there are, be prepared for them to ask how much time you've got.
One form that may be lesser known but is gaining ground is chair yoga. Simply put, it’s a version of yoga where participants are seated in chairs. It’s been deployed in schools, in senior living communities, and amongst those with disabilities.
We'll take you through what practitioners say about this version of yoga, how you can integrate it into your daily living, and how doing so could benefit you no matter your current level of yoga proficiency.


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