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Ceresa Aims to Bump Underrepresented Workers Into the C-Suite

by PRP Group, on 09/26/2022

BuiltInSure the latest initiatives from the Teslas, Apples and Googles of the industry tend to dominate the tech news space — and with good reason. Still, the tech titans aren’t the only ones bringing innovation to the sector.

In an effort to highlight up-and-coming startups, Built In has launched The Future 5 across 11 major U.S. tech hubs. Each quarter, we will feature five tech startups, nonprofits or entrepreneurs in each of these hubs who just might be working on the next big thing. You can check out last quarter’s Austin round-up here.

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After more than a decade at McKinsey & Company, Anna Robinson decided to branch out and start her own business. As she was plotting her next steps, though, her world was shaken by a health scare that left her unable to move, talk or understand what was being said to her. 

Robinson recovered after a couple of days, but the doctors never figured out what was wrong with her. That experience shifted Robinson’s perspective, inspiring her to make an impact while she still could.

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