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At Brooklyn Preschool of Science, Every 3-Year-Old Is a Scientist

by PRP Group, on 05/15/2023


Brooklyn Bridge Parents – News and Events for Brooklyn familiesIs your 3-year-old is constantly asking, “Why?” Then they’ll love Brooklyn Preschool of Science, where our 3s program puts inquiry-based science at the core of a curriculum that includes language, literacy, and math. Every learning activity is hands-on, from our Fall Festival to our units on Backyard Ecology, Light and Color, and Biodiversity in Brooklyn. Our 3s classrooms feature a writing area with clipboards for dictating stories and ideas, as well as a science area where children explore questions or theories about the natural and physical world. Your child will experience playful learning in small groups and larger communities, and days will include dramatic play alongside jobs and responsibilities that help maintain the classroom community. To schedule a tour, email

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