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A literature instruction resource that helps high schoolers thrive in ELA

by PRP Group, on 07/31/2023

Learning Counsel PRPGale In Context: Literature is a resource for literature instruction and learning that helps high schoolers engage and thrive in English Language Arts (ELA). Designed with high school students in mind, it provides learners with the context they need to engage and form personal connections with a wide variety of literature, from traditional texts to diverse new voices. Educators can easily connect students to standards-based resources that provide the literary context necessary to ensure student understanding of the texts they’re reading in ELA lessons. This sparks greater interest in literature, enabling teachers to facilitate meaningful interactions that inspire more compelling classroom discussions.

Gale In Context: Literature organizes an array of high-quality literary resources into one easy-to-use, searchable platform, complete with accessibility and navigation tools. Topic pages offer scaffolded, age-appropriate overviews of literary works including primary sources from the author’s world. The materials include 300+ essential question prompts that stimulate student curiosity, frame the content, and offer a launching point for student research. Users will also find a robust multimedia collection of videos, images, infographics, podcasts and more. By helping students connect with a variety of literature, Gale In Context: Literature creates deeper learning experiences that deliver better ELA learning outcomes.

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