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A Discussion on Youth Mental Health Awareness

by PRP Group, on 05/15/2023

EdCircuit StaffThis episode explores how schools and outside organizations can support students’ mental health inside and outside of the school.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Youth Mental Health 

The conversation begins by defining youth mental health and its impact on students’ learning and development. Within the school, Tobin points out the role the school plays in being a regulatory and supportive environment for students to go. A particular aspect of that is recognizing students’ needs and providing them with the social and emotional tools they need to be healthy and productive. 

Outside of school, it is important to recognize that mental health is health. As Anne points out, students need access to the same care for mental health as they do for their physical health. Overall it takes a multi-tiered approach to address student mental health inside and outside of the school. 

Throughout the episode, Tobin and Anne explore the importance of a multi-tiered system of support. This includes many factors, such as...

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