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A competency-based portfolio assessment learning platform allowing teachers to evaluate learning

by PRP Group, on 11/14/2022

Learning Counsel PRPLiFT Learning is an intuitive, competency-based learning platform that empowers teachers to empower students. LiFT can be used to create and manage flipped, blended, and open-ended projects featuring student voice and choice, collaboration, and interdisciplinary real-world learning. Projects allow teachers to customize assignments for individual students and allow students to add their own steps to existing assignments, ensuring that no matter how many unexpected turns a student’s learning journey takes, LiFT is there to document their progress. Chat-style feedback, email notifications, a class forum, and the ability to use rubrics, numerical scores, or both ensures that teachers and students are able to communicate no matter their preferences or availability.

LiFT portfolios make it easy for teachers to use custom rubrics to evaluate both formal and informal learning aligned to their school’s competencies. LiFT generates a skill portfolio for every skill competency, allowing teachers and students to curate evidence of learning across multiple domains. To calibrate assessment, teachers can view individual student portfolios as part of a class or within the broader context of all terms and classes. A reporting engine allows administrators and teachers to generate a variety of custom reports ranging from class progress to progress toward graduation.

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