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A 24/7, easy, effective way to report any concern, any time

by PRP Group, on 04/06/2023

The-Learning-CounselWhether it’s bullying, discrimination, suicidal thoughts, or dangerous behavior, students face a variety of threats. STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP!, a product supplied to districts and schools that work with PublicSchoolWORKS, is an easy, effective way to report any concern, at any time.

Formats/platforms used:

Website and app (via smartphones)

Primary website’s URL:, a service of PublicSchoolWORKSProblem solved:

Students are on the front lines at school and can help prevent small issues from becoming large problems, but only if they’re equipped with the tools they need to report safety concerns. PublicSchoolWORKS’ 24/7 threat-assessment team monitors the reports that come on the STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! app, from across the nation, to help ensure issues are addressed accordingly with schools. Each issue includes an assessment, next step recommendations, documentation, and resolutions.

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