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8 Tips To Reduce Your Teacher’s Stress And Raise Performance In Their Classroom

by PRP Group, on 07/21/2021

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Building and strengthening our resilience to stress makes us better prepared to handle all the challenges we may face in our personal and professional lives. That doesn’t just make us happier and more peaceful. It can also produce measurable outcomes in your teachers’ classrooms.

According to a 2016 study from Pennsylvania State University, highly stressed teachers correlate with:

  • Lower academic performance among students;
  • Lower social adjustment among students;
  • Less continuity for students and their families;
  • Increased absenteeism among stressed teachers;
  • Higher rates of educator turnover; and
  • Higher costs for schools.

Of course, students’ stress also affects the classroom and students’ ability to learn. Two decades of research have documented the negative impacts that stress has on students’ brains. When children are stressed, they experience profound, negative changes in their brain structure and brain chemistry. For example, stress disrupts how their neurons communicate, and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol have been shown to damage the parts of the brain involved in learning.

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