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8 Things Every Nurse Needs

by PRP Group, on 09/07/2022

PRP Daily NurseFrom the practical to the personal, here are eight things every nurse needs to be successful at any stage in their career.

Basic Supplies

Clickable pens and a foldable clipboard that you can fit in your scrub pocket are always helpful. Pens disappear quickly, and having a supply is a must for all nurses.

In addition, a good quality stethoscope is essential. There are a variety of brands and types available, including some for nurses working in specialty areas such as pediatrics. Personal preference and what kind of patients you will care for will influence the brand you select.

Subscription to a Nursing Journal

Nursing is a lifelong journey as you continue to learn and keep up to date with changes in clinical practice to ensure that you deliver safe and current high-quality care for your patients. Consider a subscription to journals like American Journal of Nursing, Nursing Research, or online subscriptions to sites like Up-to-Date and Daily Nurse.

Nursing Association Membership

Most nurses join and become involved in a professional nursing association that usually falls within their specialty. Associations are an excellent way to network with other nurses that share your specialty, gain access to job boards, and obtain discounts for continuing education courses and event registration. In addition, they often include subscriptions to journals and other publications. Some of these are associated with nursing certifications. Becoming certified can contribute to your professional career ladder and may be required for your hospital to gain or maintain Magnet status.

Source for Continuing Education Credits

Most nurses must complete a specified amount of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) hours to maintain and renew their nursing license. One of the most common ways to meet the goal is by attending nursing education conferences like like Sigma or ANCC Pathway to Excellence conference that have received approval to award CNE for attendance and participation. Attending nursing education conferences provides you with the latest clinical practice updates and allows you to network and meet your peers across the country. Contact your employer to inquire if they will reimburse you or offer a stipend for registration fees, travel expenses, or meals.


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