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6 tips for tech-enabled instruction in the early literacy classroom

by PRP Group, on 01/23/2023

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Teachers in K–3 classrooms may be wary of technology, but with the right approach it can enable and extend teacher-led instruction

There are plenty of reasons that K–3 teachers tend to be less likely than their middle and high school peers to use technology in the classroom. From their focus on hands-on learning to a lack of district-provided devices in the lower grades, the reasons are both pedagogical and budgetary. However, by incorporating technology into their classrooms, K–3 teachers can add flexibility and personalization to their instruction—and even get some of their own time back.

That said, not all technology is created equal, and even well-made tools can be counterproductive when used improperly. Here are a few tips and tricks for integrating technology into your reading lessons.

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