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6 keys to effective video coaching in a Title I district

by PRP Group, on 09/08/2023

Smartbrief PRPAs a Title I district, Jackson Public Schools has faced many of the same challenges as most districts educating students living in an urban environment. Our scholars come from all walks of life. Some of our scholars live in stable homes, and some do not. Often, poverty plagues many of our scholars, and this has led to some lacking the strong foundation needed to be proficient in reading and math. Our district has worked relentlessly to provide our scholars with equitable and relevant support to help them achieve success.

An integral component of supporting the growth of our scholars has been a laser-like focus on professional learning and coaching of both our school leaders and teachers. In our district, we have implemented a top-down approach with the idea that everyone needs a coach to help them progress toward excellence. One of our core values is supporting a growth mindset. With well over 20 years in education, mostly in administration, I, too, am continuing to grow and learn how to better lead professional learning to impact the success of all.


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