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5 keys to equity leadership for today’s K12 decision-makers

by PRP Group, on 08/07/2023

da-district-administration-logoThe work of equity leadership is to ensure that race and socioeconomic status are not predictive of a student’s success in life. A leader I admire says, “Absent equity work, it is too easy to predict a young person’s life trajectory and outcomes based on their skin color or zip code in which they were raised.”

Equity in education is every school and district leader’s job. Yet, too often definitions are buzzy and lack practical application. If we struggle to define equity, how then can we operationalize it, especially as leaders?

As a former educator, principal, district leader, and now program officer with the nonprofit PowerMyLearning, I’ve experienced many seats at the table when it comes to equity leadership. Here are five equity-driven actions I’ve seen work to define equity and contextualize it within the realm of school leadership.

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