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3 Ways to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

by PRP Group, on 06/20/2022

steam prpI’ve spent most of my professional career in the high-tech field surrounded by predominantly male leadership. While I will always be appreciative of the mentorship and guidance I have received over the years, I’ve often found self-comparison leading the way for me. In the STEAM fields, you’re expected to be very innovative and forward-looking. While those around me exuded confidence and self-assurance, I have often felt like I was faking it. For the longest time, I became risk-averse for fear of looking stupid. As I climbed the corporate ladder I was sure these feelings would leave me, and was disappointed to find that they would intensify. 

Then, one day, many years ago, an employee reached out to me asking for advice about overcoming “imposter syndrome.” Never having heard of this affliction, my interest was piqued. After reading more about it, I realized this term describes me. Discovering that others felt these feelings flooded me with relief. In my research, I discovered that this “syndrome” was mostly felt by women and people of color.


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