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3 Keys to Building a School Community Online

by PRP Group, on 10/29/2019

District Administration PRPSimple technology and invisible security allow parents to focus on what’s important: connecting with their kids’ education.

When I built my first school website in the ’90s, one stand-out feature was the alumni directory, which allowed for searching out classmates no matter where they were in the world. It was a hint of the digital social networks to come but also an acknowledgment that schools are communities.

School communities are different than they were in the ’90s, too, especially as today's parents expect to be able to connect with those communities online whenever they can squeeze it into their busy days. It’s important, then, to make sure your website reflects your school or district’s community. Fortunately, a site that accurately presents your community’s identity will also have a positive impact on morale, culture, the ability to compete in a school-choice atmosphere, and teacher retention and recruitment.

Here’s how you can ensure you’re putting your school’s best foot forward online.


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