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With Lots of Panache, Huddling Up to Emerge as Powerful Group

Jacob Hanson
December 5, 2022

In-depth with Jacob Hanson, who is leading PRP Group into the future of learning.

INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero


Education leaders don’t want to be ‘sold’ products. They want to form long-term relationships with partners who understand and care about their goals,” says Jacob Hanson, son of Sue Hanson, founder of one of education’s leading strategic PR and marketing firms. Formerly PR with Panache!, with Jacob at the helm, the firm recently rebranded and is now PRP Group.

Sue Hanson’s vision for the PR with Panache! brand was and still is built on authentic storytelling, bravery, and the love of education and people. Prior to joining forces with son Jacob, Sue taught high school and also was the community relations director for the Minnesota Twins baseball team.

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