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Why PRP Stands with Black Lives Matter, and What We Will Do About It

June 16, 2020

PR with Panache! exists under the premise that we can have an impact on the equitable access to a high-quality education for all, regardless of ZIP code, race or creed. In this spirit, we stand firmly behind the Black Lives Matter movement. 


Say their names, black lives matter movement

This photo was taken by our CEO's sister, Ali Alowonle, during a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis, MN. From left to right are his brother-in-law, Kuwam Alowonle, twin 6-year-old nieces Milan and Lola, and 8-year-old nephew Azzy.


My mother, our founder, once told me, "A mother can only be as happy as her unhappiest child." This statement is profound in its simplicity. How can we as a community be happy, be prosperous, and truly be a community when so many are hurting, so many are not treated equally?


We are living at an inflection point in our country's history: a time to have difficult conversations, a time to realize that we do not all share the same historical narrative, nor have we all benefited equally from the way our society has developed over the last several hundred years. It is time to acknowledge the systemic racism that has become so painfully obvious. It is not the time for semantic debate or defensiveness. It is time to come together to create solutions that will not only make us better as people, but will help jumpstart the healing process. 


PRP consistently works with our client family to tell stories that promote equitable access to the best education possible, but this moment demands that we go beyond that. We commit to using our skills and media connections to share the inspiring work of BIPOC educators with the widest possible audience. Despite their own struggles with racism, these unsung heroes have dedicated their lives to igniting a passion for learning in every student they meet, and we believe the world has a lot more to learn from them. 


We'll be working with clients, industry groups, education media, and nonprofit organizations to make their voices heard and share their experiences. If you know an educator of color whose story inspires you, please reach out to our editorial director Chris Piehler


In the face of national turmoil, many people are asking, “What can we do?” As fervent believers in the power of education, we can and will tell stories that illustrate the enduring truth that equity and equitable learning changes lives.  


With hope for the future, 
Jacob Hanson & the PR with Panache! team


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