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How Often Should Your Company Post to Social Media?

February 26, 2020

By: Leah Rodgers

Algorithms and rules change, but quality content is a constant in this social media game. A previous PRP post delves into how to write social media posts that capture and keep the attention of time-starved educators. If you’re wondering where the best spot is for a particular message, check out our quick guide to the major social media channels.


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With “How?” and “Where?” answered, we come to the next big question, “When?” It’s common knowledge that early afternoon is when most people are online. The flipside of this is that you don’t want your post to compete against the most trafficked time of the day. Try for early morning or late morning. This way, breakfast scrollers will see your post, and so will the lunch-breakers when they first sign on.


Finally, let’s address the question in the headline. How often should your company post to social media? Based on our own experience and research into social media experts, here are rule-of-thumb guidelines, along with tips on what sort of content performs best on each platform.



How often to post:

Minimum: 1 per day

Maximum: 2 per day

HubSpot has found that businesses with smaller followings lose Facebook engagement by 50% on their second post of the day. One post a day seems to be the sweet spot.

What to post: Videos and aggregated content



How often to post:

Minimum: 3 per day

Maximum: 30 per day

Tweets have an incredibly short lifespan in terms of visibility and therefore traction. The more tweets, the more impressions you collect for your business. Some of the top accounts on Twitter are posting 100 times a day! That might get annoying for followers, so it’s smart to track reaction to you tweets as well as unfollows to make sure you’re not alienating your audience.

What to post: GIFs and business news


Power up my social media



How often to post:

Minimum: 1 per day

Maximum: 3 per day

According to a Later analysis, the best time to post to Instagram is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. EST. Instagram’s algorithm favors new content, so finding out when your audience is online and sharing relevant, original information is the key to maximizing engagement.

What to post: High-res photos and stories


Instagram Stories

How often to post:

Minimum: 10 per day

Maximum:  20 per day

Boost engagement for your business by incorporating polls and question stickers for your followers to consider. Be sure to use the "mention" sticker to tag anyone related to what you’re posting. This will allow them to repost the story to their profile, and you'll gain more visibility. Sprinkle in a few relevant hashtags to gain visibility organically. According to Chalene Johnson, all of these factors, including how often you post, depend on your audience.



How often to post:

Minimum: 1 per week

Maximum: 1 per day

This platform is straightforward. Post your content in the morning, and make it look and sounds professional. Attach an image or video for more engagement!

What to post: Business news, aggregated content, and available jobs


No matter which platform you’re using, the goal is to create genuine engagement, so it’s helpful to remember that social media is a two-way street. One of the best ways to inspire your audience to connect with you is by engaging with their content. You might get some social media love in return. And who knows? It could be the beginning of a beautiful (business) friendship.


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