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Forget Tutoring — What kind of gigs are there for school administrators and leaders?

Chris Mills
June 29, 2022

"Edugigging" Options for Education Leaders

Teachers can sell lesson plans or administer standardized tests for a little extra $$$. But what about curriculum directors, superintendents, and the many other folks necessary to make schools run smoothly? Can they find after-school gigs too?

Teachers have it easy. Just kidding! Their jobs are hard, and they don’t get paid enough. Many turn to gig work to make ends meet. Teachers can tutor, administer standardized tests, sell lesson plans and printables, coach student teams, or teach online or at a community college. But, these options don’t always work for administrators. After all, most administrators don’t have lesson plans to sell!

So how can you make money after school as an administrator?

The primary way that school administrators can earn money outside of work hours is through consulting. Consulting allows administrators to remain in their field of expertise. There’s no need to pick up hours on Uber or Lyft, or post on Teachers Pay Teachers. As a consultant, you can be the expert in…well… whatever you’re an expert in. You have more control over your hours, and over your pay.

Consulting as an administrator allows you to open new doors and expand new opportunities. You can grow your network and your influence at the same time. Consulting can help you expand your resume and establish a personal brand. Besides, it’s just fun! As much as you love your day job, consulting adds a new twist to your day. It lets you explore new career avenues without quitting your day job.

What kind of consulting gigs can school administrators get?

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