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Reach Out and Grasp the Education Market

Craft compelling narratives and understand your audience with Marketing Intelligence and PR for PreK—12 and higher ed.

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Build trust with education
decision makers.

District and school leaders don’t want to be sold to. They want to form long-term relationships with partners.

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Get noticed by the right people in the right places. Our approach centers on knowing your audience so that every story becomes part of a custom buyer's journey and the start of a trusted relationship.

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Know your market

We love our client family :)

We're honored to support the efforts of innovators who are changing lives through education.

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Ask an expert: is PR right for you?

The PRP team has a combined 40+ years in education PR and Marketing Intelligence. If you'd like to learn more, say hello! We can help you find out what PR and Marketing Intelligence can do for you.

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Data-driven Storytelling for the Education Market

Our data-driven approach earns you meaningful attention from important decision-makers when you appear in the publications they read and respect.

Let's Craft Every Chapter
Get published, get noticed
Public Relations

Key Messaging and Custom Journeys through Data

Marketing Intelligence starts with understanding your audience. Get answers to questions like: Who are my gatekeepers? What are their roles, challenges, and goals? What information do they need to see, and when, and where?

Start Gathering Intel!
Build systems to grow
Marketing Intelligence

Trusted Experience

PRP has more than 40 years of combined education marketing and PR experience. We can help you understand who your buyer personas are and how to reach them.


Years in education PR and marketing


EdTech Leadership Awards for Best PR Firm since 2015


Client renewal rate over the last 2 years


1 Senior Lead for every client

Award-Winning Work

We're proud to have been consistently recognized for our achievements in education PR. However, every success starts with our Client Family and their dedication to understanding the education market and solving real problems.

EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2015
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2016
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Finalist 2017
The Tech Edvocate Finalist Best PR Firm 2020
The Tech Edvocate Winner Best PR Firm 2017
The Tech Edvocate Winner Best PR Firm 2018
American Consortium For Equity In Education Premier Supporter
The Edtech Awards Leadership Finalist 2020
The Edtech Awards Leadership Finalist 2021
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2018
EdTech Digest Leadership Award Winner 2019