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What are wellness rooms, and why do schools need them?

by PRP Group, on 10/23/2023

youth todayToday’s youth are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3.6% of adolescents ages 10-14 and 4.6% of those ages 15-19 have experienced an anxiety disorder. Mental health challenges among youth have been steadily rising since before the COVID-19 pandemic and have only gotten worse. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 37% of youth experienced poor mental health during the pandemic. Teen girls and teens who identify as LGBTQ+ are the most at risk for experiencing substance use disorders, thoughts of suicide and violence.
There are many potential reasons for the increases in mood and behavioral disorders among youth: isolation caused by the pandemic, rising global threats as well as increased stress and anxiety among caregivers are just a few things impacting today’s adolescents.
Teachers and youth-serving professionals may not be able to tackle these challenges head-on, but they can find ways to support the youth they serve. The CDC found that students who feel more supported by their school (termed “school connectedness”) are less likely to experience feelings of sadness and hopelessness. One way that schools and other youth organizations can support students is by implementing a wellness room for kids who need space to sort out their emotions before returning to the classroom or other activities.
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