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Chris Mills

Sr. Manager, Marketing Intelligence | Member of the PRP Village since 2020

"The single best way to maintain your reputation is to do things you're proud of."
~ Seth Godin

A philosophy major and avid audiobook listener, Chris began his career in city government before realizing his true passion for startups. It took Chris another seven years to make the jump from "wantrepreneur" to entrepreneur. His first startup attempt, manufacturing video game accessories, fizzled when he prioritized hiring engineers over business planning. Realizing he needed more experience, Chris joined a fledgling educational startup, which grew into one of ed tech's biggest successes. From there, Chris built out the marketing department and community engagement platform for a boutique recruiting firm.

Striking out on his own, Chris founded his own small business. They released their first product, the Strongweek mobile app, on the IOS App Store and found several consulting clients, including a small K-12 educational games company and a scientific tools manufacturer.

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