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Part-time consulting for full-time education leaders.

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Carl Hooker

"For me, edugigging is an opportunity to extend impact within education..."


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Are you seeking greater enjoyment, impact, or income? Consulting outside of school hours has a lot of perks. Join the Edugigging community to find new opportunities, share your wisdom, and learn. For the newbies — we’ll help you get started, grow your toolbox, and learn how to work within your contract. Edugigging will share consulting opportunities exclusively with our community members!

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Have a gig?

Hey there Education Innovator!

Do you want to engage with education administrators through consulting gigs, influencing, and more? Do you have an idea, but need an experienced education administrator to help execute it? Whether you need feedback, advice, or mentorship, or even a secret shopper — Edugigging has what you need. Get in touch today to see if you can become an edugig provider!

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Our Mission

Edugigging is a growing community of education leaders and administrators seeking more joy, income, and impact in their careers. By allowing educators and administrators to find consulting "edugigs" we hope to help them stay in their roles and thrive.

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Hosted on K-12 Leaders

The edugigging community is hosted on K12 Leaders is a niche community for educators and administrators to share tips and advice and talk about their roles. Stay tuned for regular discussions whether you're just getting started, you're negotiating a contract, or you're searching for a new gig.

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Carl Hooker has been an educator for the past 21 years. He has held a variety of positions in both multiple districts, from 1st grade teacher to Virtualization Coordinator. As Director of Innovation & Digital Learning for the Eanes Independent School District he brought a unique vision to the district and its programs.  During his time in the position, the district jumped into social media, adopted the Google Apps for Education and started to build a paperless environment with Google Docs. He helped spearhead the LEAP (Learning and Engaging through Access and Personalization) which put 1:1 iPads into the hands of all K-12 students at Eanes. He is also the “Godfather” of the learning festival called LearnFestATX

Aside from his speaking and consulting work, Carl also works as an influencer and advisor for multiple Ed Tech start-up companies. He’s also a national advisor for the Future Ready Schools Initiative. He blogs regularly at his blog and guest authors a regular blog on Tech & Learning and has written guest blogs for the Huffington Post and Edutopia.

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