Data-Driven Storytellers for the Education Market

What is Data-Driven Storytelling and How Can It Boost Sales in the Education Market?

Emotive, data-driven storytelling is where creativity meets technology.

PRP marries the art of storytelling and the science of data to ensure that your content continues to deliver results beyond its initial publication date. First, we help you discover their most compelling stories and the most eye-catching, enduring forms those stories can take. Product reviews, interviews with leadership, best practice articles, thought leadership pieces from users, and guest blog posts are eternal, forever showing up in search results.


Data-Driven Storytelling

Once your story has been published, we gather key data, then analyze trends to uncover insights about your audience based on their interaction with the content you have shared. We leverage those insights to create marketing automation strategies specifically designed to extend the life of your story and increase engagement with your audience. We work with you to identify the metrics that matter most to your success, whether it be site referrals, actions taken on your site, page views, impact on SEO, or lead conversion rates. 


Data-driven storytelling empowers us to craft PR and marketing campaigns that perpetuate a virtuous cycle, where the information we gather about one story informs the topic and approach of the next. Through this process, we strengthen your position as an educational thought leader and focus your efforts on meeting the needs of your buyer, helping you transform from a provider into a valued partner. 


We invite you to take a look at some of the most recent data-driven stories that we have placed for members of our client family by visiting PRP’s Client News page.

Data-Driven Storytelling Connects You to Your Ideal Customers.

We invite you to watch this brief video to provide an overview of how our data-driven storytelling method ensures that our clients' marketing and PR efforts reach the right educators and administrators at the right time. Whatever your goals are within the ed tech market, this powerful method will secure your story's place in the hearts and minds of education decision-makers!